This is the first day of a new month, a month just like any other month, filled with promise and hope. A new school year starts for most of our children in the United States today and with the new year comes opportunity. The opportunity for our children to learn new facts and new skills and make new friends.

Each new friend, each new skill and each new teacher will bring new influences into their lives. New choices will be learned, new ways to see the world will be developed. This is an exciting and sometimes frightening time for our little ones. This is also a time when we need to pay close attention to them. Some of these new choices that they have will be wrong choices, some of the new attitudes that they see in others will be wrong attitudes.

Pray for your children as they start the new year. Pray for their safety, pray that they learn well. Pray for their teachers. Pray that they can discern each child’s ability and reach each child to teach the needed lessons. Pray for the schools. Pray that they will be safe havens of learning, places of laughter and joy.