All campgrounds have their highs and their lows. This one is only 17 miles from Julian, California, the high during the day is the low 80’s and the low at night is the upper 60’s. The sites are very nice and not tight if you are in a 21-foot travel trailer. It is very quiet and secluded.

However, because of low power at the pole, we cannot run the AC – not so bad at these temperatures. The road in (California route 79) prohibits any vehicle over 40 feet long because it is windy and narrow – again not a problem for us. The sites are not real level and difficult to back into but real nice once you are set up.

Walking with the Lord is a lot like this campground. It will be a narrow and winding path that He will take you on. There will be tight places and ups and downs in your energy levels. Just as you get set up and start to feel comfortable in your calling, He will tap you on your shoulder and say “Time to move on”. Always be ready, the journey is long and hard but worth every twist and turn. There is joy in every hardship and peace in the journey.