With about 20 miles left on our drive to our current campground the wiring harness to the trailer failed. I had neglected to ensure that it was not dragging on the pavement. This engaged the brakes on the trailer and we were going nowhere until we disconnected the battery so we could limp in to the campground with no lights or brakes on the trailer.

As we were checking in we were explaining the problem to the host at the gate as George Crew was walking by. He just happens to work on RVs and trailers and we have arranged for him to come to our site and replace the wiring harness before we leave on Saturday.

During this trip it has become increasingly clear that there are no coincidences, they are all appointments made for us by the Lord. In every circumstance, He is watching us, helping us by placing others where they need to be when we need them just as He places us where we are needed by others.

Back to the side of the interstate where we thought we were stranded. The Lord gave us peace about our problem and led us step-by-step through the solution. When you have a problem, have faith that the Lord will turn all circumstances to His glory and your good.