Yesterday we visited Julian, California, an old mining community full of quaint shops and places to eat, a veritable cornucopia of tourist delights. But perhaps this area is best known for the Julian Pie Company. Their specialty is apple pie in all of its varieties and their reputation is well earned. So, Linda and I each had a slice of classic apple pie ala mode and then bought a pie to bring home.

Later we had another piece of pie before we went to bed. Well, my glucose level went up 50 points in one day. I guess that the pie that is so delicious is also not so good for me. Now we have an apple pie in the refrigerator that beckons to me at every meal and I have to resist.

Sin is like that. It feels so good and looks so good that you think it will be fine if you just indulge a little. But even a little is too much. All sin is an abomination to the Lord and brings death. That is why Jesus came, to be the ultimate sacrifice that would cover our sins and make us acceptable to the Father. So each day we pray to be kept from temptation and we pray for forgiveness when we fall and our Father hears our prayers and forgives us for His Son’s sake.