All we need is a little faith. When we are going into a new way of serving others, when we are not certain of our ability to be a help, when everything and everyone are new we need to just enter in with peace in our hearts, assured that Jesus is in control.

If we stop seeing the miracles that happen daily, if we forget the times when the Lord came to our rescue, then how can we have hope that He will be with us in our times of worry and trouble? At the end of every day, look back to see the times when you realized that Jesus was present. He may have been in a smile, an encouraging word, a moment of serene beauty or even in the laughter and fun of new friends.

Faith is a gift from God. By His Grace He saves us and gives us faith planted in our hearts like a mustard seed. We then need to tend to our faith, tearing out the weeds that spring up, watering and fertilizing the soil in which it was planted. Through our faith we learn to trust our Lord to turn every circumstance that was meant for evil against us into good for us and glory for God.