In this election year we are seeing mostly the worst in our politicians. Instead of outlining their agendas they are tearing each apart and instead of demanding better conduct we are encouraging their behavior. Today’s political arena is much like the coliseums of ancient Rome where the people were kept entertained by bloodsport as they were ruled with an iron fist. We choose to be entertained rather than educated. We choose to walk with the world on the broad path to destruction rather than trying to steer others to the narrow path that lead to salvation.

Just because our gracious Lord gave us free will we should not feel free to exercise it without thought. We have the ability to obey or disobey, to follow or go our own way, to love the Lord or love satan. Even the most dedicated follower of Christ, even the most learned of Christian scholars falls by the wayside, takes their eyes off of the prize and allows stray thoughts to affect their worship of the triune God.

Time and again, scripture tells us to stay focused on God, read and sear His Word onto your heart and keep yourself surrounded with fellow Christians who will hold you accountable for your actions and thoughts.