When on mission (and being on mission is as much a state of mind as it is a location) it is not the work that is of primary importance, it your co-laborers, the people you come to serve and the people in the community that you find yourself in. The need that was there when you arrived had been noted before you came and it will either be alleviated or remain when you leave. Your function, as you work is to interact with those around you in such a manner that they want what you have.

So as you prepare for your mission field each morning pray for the work to progress, pray for the souls of those you will meet and, most of all, pray for discernment. Pray for a discerning spirit that will direct your heart to the person who needs Jesus. Pray for the Lord to direct your words. Pray for wisdom to hear without judging, see without condemnation. Pray for eyes to be opened, hearts to be softened and thoughts to turn to Jesus.