For four days we labor, six hours each day with two rest breaks and a lunch break and then we rest for three. Twenty-four hours per week does not seem like much time but when the bodies are aging and the ailments are many the time is enough.

These volunteers move out of their RVs each morning to work on their assigned tasks, faster on the first day than the fourth each week, and accomplish much. The work gets done, the spirits remain high and the Lord is glorified. The love of God is evident in this small group of eight and we feel privileged to be a part of this group of God’s chosen warriors.

So… NOMADS describes the next three days as days of rest, relaxation and sightseeing. More than likely, for us anyway, the next three days will be rest, restock, repair, worship and prepare. We will give our bodies time to rest and recharge our energy, our minds time to absorb some disturbing facts about our limitations and our souls and spirits time to rest in the Lord and renew our faith.

There is great joy in the very act of serving. Find a need and serve and partake of that joy with us.