There is an amount allotted to each of us from the Lord. Instead of looking at our neighbor’s life, we need to be looking at our own life and seeing what the Lord has provided. Instead of longing for what we don’t have, we need to be good stewards of what we do have.

We must resolve to be content in our circumstances. For if we have been faithful to God, He has been faithful to provide for us. Our circumstances have been provided by the Lord. Our daily bread comes from the Father as surely as He provided the manna for the Israelites.

As I read these words, I realize that I usually fail miserably at being humble and accepting my daily bread as my allotted amount. That is why God’s grace is so important to me, for it is only by His grace that I can accept my lot in life. I praise the Lord and thank Him every day for what I have and this is how I move forward in joy, not seeking to have more, rather seeking to give more away so others can enjoy the daily bread that the Lord provides.

Our blessings are not for us to hoard, not for our enjoyment only. Only by giving our blessings away will we be able receive the full benefit of God’s grace.