There are times in every person’s life when they doubt. If you are in one of those times take heart because you are not alone. We all reevaluate our life goals, the path we are on and we all make adjustments. As we go through the process of looking at our path we need to be sure that we keep our eye on the ultimate goal of becoming like Jesus. If any of your goals do not lead to Jesus, then they need to be discarded because they will become distractions to be used by satan.

The lucky few find their calling early and walk their path with confidence, seeing few distractions, always able call on the Lord and never losing sight of Jesus. And yet even these few will go through the valleys, will be assailed by doubts and worries and will need to call on Jesus for His strength and help.

Others stumble and stop and start full of doubt and seeing their path only dimly. The fog of this world seems to darken their path and they frequently lose their way and need the help of the sure-footed to stay on the narrow way. They need to receive a helping hand to open their eyes to Jesus. They need to see the light of Jesus through the actions of His followers.