As we watch the evening news we see evidence of the fallen nature of the world in which we sojourn. Murders, mayhem, riots, the moral decay of our elected (and soon to be elected) officials. If you pay close attention to the rhetoric of the news media, you will find very little to encourage you. They speak of the futility of trying to make the world a better place. They talk extensively about the failed plans of men and their only hope seems to be misplaced in the ability of people to change through their own efforts or the efforts of the government.

But the good that is done through the efforts of man and his public institutions is generally short-lived and leads to more trouble. While mankind has advanced in creature comforts and has increased in physical good health, all of this has not led to contentment and peace. Rather, our physical strengths seem to adversely affect our spiritual strength. As we become healthier and more comfortable we are losing our moral compass and our hope for the future.

And yet Christians have hope, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for the triumph of love and good over evil and the ultimate hope of an eternity spent with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do not depend on anyone or anything but the Lord for your joy and hope. All others will fail.