As our projects here in La Verne roll along and things get done, we cannot but help being impacted by the large disasters that are occurring. Here in California there are raging forest fires that are consuming thousands of acres of land, destroying many homes and impacting travel by both rail and road. The heat here, the winds and dry conditions make fires inevitable. Because we have not been in this region before, we have no idea of what is needed to recover, where the help will come from and what to do.

In Louisiana there has been torrential rain that has produced floods of epic proportions through much of the region. Once again, acres and acres of land has been inundated destroying crops, homes, lives and hindering travel and relief efforts. This is a situation that we are familiar with, having been trained and having worked in flooded areas, we know what is needed to recover, we know where the help will come from and we can help.

So, what do we do? Well, first we stop, reassess our abilities and then we pray, knowing that our own intellect will not lead us to the action that is in the will of the Lord. As we pray, we listen and we prepare our hearts for His answer. Pray with us, pray for us, and pray for yourselves to receive direction in this troubled time.