In the morning the world is new and fresh, bringing with it the promise of new friends, new sights and sounds and a new day to savor. This is an exciting world to live in, full of promise and love and the beauty that the Lord gave us to enjoy. We can revel in His creation giving Him all the praise and glory and be content in our lives even while we are saddened by the pain of poverty and hunger and need, the brutality of man against man and the horrible losses when nature runs amok.

As the day goes on the world can lose its luster and start to take your peace from you. Gradually the newness wears off, the angry people begin to speak and the joy from the Lord begins to slide into the background. Every day there are ripples of fear, anger, despair and the other lies of satan lapping at you heart trying to steal your peace. Don’t let them!! When you feel your peace being slowly dissolved, pray to the Holy Spirit within you. Pray for a hedge of protection to surround your heart and keep the lies of satan at bay. Life with the Lord is pure joy. Don’t miss out.