If we vilify those who disagree with us and idolize those who agree with us, then we are doing ourselves a great disservice. We are looking at the world with blinders on, blinders that ignore the facts of good that each does and the bad that each does. No one is all good and no one is all evil.

We have been taught to love our enemies. This is not possible amid the anger and hate that abounds today. No conversation can be fruitful where both sides hurl insults at each other. We need to take our politicians off of their pedestals and see them as human, prone to making mistakes and we need to see our adversaries as human, occasionally get things right.

We should be able to agree on the basic tenets of Christian living and that our differences are in how to alleviate suffering, how to bring relief to the poor, health to the sick, comfort to survivors of disasters. Our eyes are not blinded to the work to be done rather our eyes are blinded to the motivations of those who seek to help. Let us pray for more understanding on both sides. And when this election cycle ends, let us embrace each other and get on with the main task of serving those in need.