As volunteers, we are asked to help those who need things done that would take away from their primary mission of service to others. We free our clients to better serve their clients. Our service is generally in the mundane and in the thankless areas of need and this is a good thing. We are enablers of the mission of others.

While what we do seems unimportant, it is not. We need to always be doing what we do for the glory of the Lord. This means that we must always put forth our very best effort. There are times when we lose sight of the real purpose of our work (to bring glory to the Lord while helping others) in our haste to get the job done. This can produce substandard work which benefits no one.

This can also produce a disconnect with those for whom we labor. One of our missions (speaking about Linda and I) is to spread the joy of the Lord wherever we go and to testify as to His goodness and mercy. We love to share what He has done in our lives and how much joy He has brought to us. The labor, while important, is secondary to the message and we must remember that.