Well, we heard yesterday that there is a California wildfire (named Rey) that has closed the road to our next stop, Rancho Osos in the Santa Barbara area. They say the road may be open for travel by Monday so we changed our arrival date to Monday. This left us with Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with no place to stay. When the kind folks here heard about our dilemma they offered to let us stay until Monday morning. Will we? Don’t know yet, we need to pray and seek guidance.

This is just another indication that this phase of our journey with Jesus is being uncertain of all that is around us, not knowing from day to day who we will meet and where we will be. There are days when we are thrilled and excited by the opportunities that come our way and then there are days, like now, when we were looking forward to a stop or task that we thought we would really enjoy and it is taken away or our stay shortened.

When you praise the Lord for all that happens, the good, the mediocre and the bad there is nothing left to take your joy away. Satan has nothing to grab onto to bring you down to his level, nothing left to pull you from the Lord.