The lack of work is refreshing for a time, the lack of fellow travelers is nice and the freedom to come and go as we please is nice. It is time to sit and think about the pleasant things of the past three weeks and purge our minds of the less pleasant things. Evaluating the volunteer experience and then working through the attitude adjustments that we need to make before we inflict ourselves on another project is a necessary part of serving the Lord.

The one thing that will not change is our desire to bring joy wherever we go. Whether on a project, sightseeing, shopping or just hanging out, we need to channel God’s blessings to those around us. Sometimes the channel is open wide and we watch in awe as God does His thing and life is good. But sometimes we struggle to unblock the channel and keep the blessings flowing and those are the times when our own egos, our own pride and our own selfishness seem to grow. Only through the growth of our understanding of God’s Word, the surrender to His will and the acceptance of the leadership of the Holy Spirit can we reopen the channel to allow the blessings to flow once again.