Being in the Los Angeles area and looking at our next location, we decided that the best traffic day to drive the 210 to 101 North on our way to our next stop is Sunday. Since the preparation to move takes place during our churches service time, we will have to wait and watch the message later. As disconcerting as that is, modern technology gives us more options than our ancestors had.

The change in plans caused by the wildfire brought us blessings here where we are. We witnessed to people we would not have otherwise met, we made friends and received blessings we would have otherwise missed. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as we move to the new campground. Each of the next three stops will be for at least a week and will include new and exciting things to see and, we are sure, new and exciting chances to share our Lord.

I look over at Linda and I am in total awe. For three weeks, she worked with pain until she had to take time off and then only took enough time to lessen the pain and went right back to work, knowing the pain would worsen. Now, Linda can rest and enjoy new sights while she heals as we travel to our next project.