When we got up this morning we heard a weird popping sound from all around the camp. We didn’t hear it yesterday and were curious, so we asked. It turns out that there is an interesting reason for the sound. There are vineyards on three sides of the campground just out of sight and these vineyards evidently have problem with crows eating their grapes. So they have propane machines that make a popping sound to scare away the crows.

We don’t know why there were no sounds yesterday. Best guess… there were no crows yesterday and the machines are activated by the presence of crows. This is better than killing the crows. We could all learn from this.

Just because satan uses others to try to defeat us and turn us from the Lord, we do not have to respond with loud arguments and bombastic rhetoric, we do not have to shout and argue and put ourselves on his level. All we have to do is trust in the Lord and show His love to them in small, little pops of kindness. Just like the crows, satan will flee and maybe those who have been tormenting you will see the Truth and the Truth will set them free.