Good morning, Lord. Today looks like it is going to be a wonderful day. Thank You, Lord for bringing this day to us. We are so grateful that You are always with us. When we are obedient and when we are not, You are with us. When we follow Your path and when we stray, You are with us.

When satan whispers our name and promises us riches here on earth, You are with us to help us ignore his pleas. Your voice and Your Spirit are within us to help guide us through the snares and traps that satan plants along our path. Thank you, Lord for all that You will do today, for putting a hedge of protection around, not only us, but our family and friends.

When we fail, when we try to go our own way, when we fall prey to the wiles of satan and the world, You, Lord, are always faithful to lead us back to You. You, Lord, are our Rock, our protection and our comfort. Always there wherever we are and always willing to forgive our transgressions. All praise and glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… Amen