The first day of September… for me the beginning of fall when the air becomes clearer and cleaner, the temperatures begin to drop (at least in New England where I am from and apparently here in Central California where we are now) and nature’s hustle and bustle of summer begins to change to the quiet of winter.

This is a time of reflection, a time of prayer and meditation and a time to renew our relationships with the Lord. Prepare your heart to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Walk in the Word daily, seek the Lord in all that you see and do and hear the voice of the Lord as He speaks to you. Not only is this the start of the season to renew with the Lord, it is also the time to renew relationships with family and friends.

Although we are happy that we here, seeing these wonderful sights that are new to us and seeing family that lives far from us, we also miss the East coast and the familiar things of our youth. The Lord led us to California and next to New Mexico and He is leading us back to Louisiana and Florida with a stop on Alabama. Next year we hope to stay on the East coast and travel from Florida to Maine and maybe the maritime provinces of Canada.