This morning’s temperature… 52 degrees. The next three days are going to be the same with daytime highs in the mid-seventies. What a wonderful break in the heat before we go back to the nineties in Winters, CA (NAPA Valley) and Groveland, CA (Yosemite National Park). As we travel we are continually amazed by the grace of the Lord as He sees over us and seems to put us where even the weather uplifts us.

As He puts others in our path to encourage us, we can take that blessing from others and pass it along to those we meet. Even when we are resting, the Lord puts others in our path, sometimes for us to bless them and sometimes for them to be a blessing to us. When we are in obvious ministry times like CAP or NOMADS projects, we can feel the blessings all around us and we are energized.

In between those opportunities, we search for others to bless with the love of the Lord and often those who we find are also being a blessing to us. When the conversation turns to Jesus, many of those we meet are ready to share their testimony. We are finding the Lord in many more places than the news wants us to know about. Suppress Jesus in one spot and He will pop up somewhere else. Satan must be very frustrated.