The days of the week and even the holidays become lost when you are retired. Time has very little meaning, unless you have made an appointment, and life seems to fly by. When we were working and time was so very important, we hoarded it and tried to save it for later. There never was enough time to do all of the things that seemed so valuable then.

Now, time is all we have and still it seems to fly by even faster. We are now on a journey to see the United States and its many wonders, to help others when and where we can, and to pass the knowledge of the Lord on to those who will listen. Perhaps the most valuable thing that we do is watch, watch our family grow in love and wisdom, watch our old friends become stronger in their faith and watch our new friends as they learn more about the Lord.

As we witness the spiritual growth of others, as we move about this land and see the spiritual strength of its inhabitants, we are encouraged about the future of mankind. God’s love is here; His Presence is here with His people. Be not afraid for the future, for He is there too, waiting for His perfect timing to return and make the world right again.