Even though you no longer are in Facebook, I want to thank you, Josh Moore, for today’s message and particularly your reminder that we in the United States are remarkably blessed. Our journey with Jesus in these United States is littered with temptation and with ridicule, but the journey is also filled with acceptance and riches far beyond what most of the world has.

Linda and I live in a 21-foot trailer (approximately 160 square feet), traveling the nation, meeting people in campgrounds and talking about Jesus and doing 3-week work projects with fellow Christians. We have running water, a bathroom, air conditioning, a gas stove and furnace, a TV, a refrigerator with freezer and even a microwave. Yet there are those who think that we are living in a life of need because we have no permanent home to return to. Well, they need to look beyond our borders to the rest of the world where most live without running water or electricity, where Christians are persecuted and tortured and killed, where following Jesus is a real commitment and not a Sunday thing.

Resolve today to rejoice in your blessings from the Lord, you were made for this. Resolve today to see the joy of the Lord in all of your circumstances. Resolve today to show others what the joy of the Lord is all about.