As we cleaned our area we talked with the couple next door. Tony and Joan travel to Costa Rica and the Honduras frequently to volunteer in the mission field there. There was good fellowship as we both prepared to leave, them Sunday and us Monday. As they left we exchanged crosses, hugged and blessed each other as they drove on their way.

Gentle, cool breezes blowing through the campsite, the inside of the camper cleaned and rearranged, the truck bed put in order, children’s laughter filtering into earshot accompanied by the gentle strains of live Mexican music being played by the pool.

All of this after a wonderful Harvest worship service with uplifting music and an important message.

These are some of the memories that the Lord allows us to gather as we travel. Yes, there are troubling things that happen, yes, sometimes the journey is hard and lessons painful, and yes, satan rules this world and hates the joy we have in Jesus. But the joy of Jesus overwhelms the bad memories and He gives us days like this. Days that must just a tiny foretaste of what life will be like when we meet Jesus face to face and realize that we will be with Him for eternity. Joy, joy, joy.