We are back in the land of phone service, television and the internet. Hopefully this will continue for some time but we really don’t know. We continued writing our devotions during this silent time and have them by date. If there is any interest in old news let us know. On to today.

Yesterday we traveled from Yosemite in California to Hawthorne in Nevada through Tioga Pass, elevation about 10,000 feet. We passed through some of the most magnificent scenery that we have ever seen. There were meadows, lakes and streams, forested mountains and rocky outcroppings and enough beauty to assure us that the Lord is a loving God. For He created this spot for pleasure and as a place of worship and praise.

The roads were steep, both up and down, and our little truck pulled us over the top and held us steady on the down side. Ears popping, with eyes glued to the scenery, we praised our God and prayed for His mercy as we traveled this somewhat narrow, steep and winding road. The Lord has been with us every step of the way and we have heard many stories of His grace and mercy and seen so many examples of His love in our lives as we continue this journey we are on.