All too often in this day and age, we see only the signs of the evil that seems to prevail in our land, we only see the bad that exists and we are dispirited. The news is most often about what is wrong with society. Even those who are trying to do good are painted with the stigma of being evil. Do not be influenced into believing that God is not watching, do not think that He does not care. The Lord weeps for every lost soul, He is saddened by every decision to reject Him and yet, knowing this would happen, He still created us with free will, with the ability to accept or reject His love.

Do not be deceived by satan, do not look to the world for evidence of your worth. Look for evidence of the glory of God, look for His mercy and grace and hunt for signs of His love and you will not be disappointed. The glory of the Lord is everywhere if you will but open your eyes and your heart and let Jesus show you. Let the Lord send the Holy Spirit to you and let His grace and mercy become a part of your life. Then you can truly live without fear and your heart will be ready.