Yesterday was a very good day with a good road to drive between stops and a campground with hot springs. So, we had a good soak, great conversation with a couple from the Netherlands and others, ate supper and watched a fire-dance show last night. We felt like we were sitting in a gypsy camp.

Of course Linda hurt from the ride and the extra activity (even with the hot springs) and slept poorly last night while I was my usual blissful sleeper. Today has all of the earmarks of another beautiful day, a day of rest and contemplation for us. Watching Linda do the most ordinary of things with joy knowing the she will suffer because of them lifts and breaks my heart because I know that her joy has to come from the Lord. It has been a joy for us to watch as Jesus works in our lives to heal us physically and mature us spiritually.

We are meeting people, seeing amazing sights and using our freedom to travel to spread God’s love and joy wherever we go. As a point of interest, this is not an appealing campground and the campers are mostly one nighters on their way between Reno and Las Vegas. This morning the place is empty and tonight we will have new people to talk with. Praise God.