Today we take a drive into Death Valley and hope to pass through a ghost town (Rhyolite) either on the way there or on the way back. We are looking forward to seeing both the wonders of nature and works of man.

There is no better example of the temporary nature of this life than an abandoned town, or homestead or even house. Those that lived there put their efforts into making a place to live and make money. All of their efforts in the world ended up as dusty relics. Hopefully they were laying up treasures in heaven as they labored to survive here on earth. When we see historical monuments and wartime battlefields we pray for the souls who lived, fought and died there. While we enjoy seeing places from the past, we are saddened by the knowledge that many of the souls who lived there died without Jesus.

On the other hand, seeing the wonders that God created makes us rejoice in His awesome power. To think that He created s to have dominion over these wonders causes us to fall to our knees and worship Him. We have been spending much time in worship and praise as we travel this land.