This journey that we are on has become a journey filled with the wonders of the Lord, His magnificent creations and His love of mankind. Yesterday we toured Death Valley going from 3,300 feet above sea level in Beatty to 168 feet below sea level on the valley floor. During this drive we marveled at the beauty of the mountains. Even more impressive were the signs of life in this harsh environment.

Yes, yesterday was a day to worship and praise God for all that He has wrought. There were many opportunities to be awed by His hand and to see what only the Lord could create. One cannot pass through this world and not be moved by the glory of the Lord, just as one cannot watch mankind without seeing the corruption that satan has brought into the world.

From the glory of God’s work in creating earth we now go the Las Vegas, a city created by man for man to indulge his worst fantasies. Here is where the presence of the Lord is needed the most, not in the broad brushstrokes in Death Valley, but in the streets and casinos of man’s cities. Here is where God’s love needs to be shown without judgement. We will be open to what the Lord has for us in the two nights that we are there.