Today is a day of rest. We drove 104 miles and walked well over a mile the day before yesterday, qawking at the mountain and desert scenery and marveling at some of narrow and winding roads. Then yesterday we unhooked and drove 120 mile to Las Vegas, Nevada arriving during the lunch traffic, shopped at Walmart and then set back up for our 2 night stay.

Linda is resting now, her health issues causing some minor discomfort. I, too, am resting as I feel a little overtired today. We prayed for rest for today and will take to the road again tomorrow. Our next long stop will be in Cottonwood Arizona where we will spend 10 days at the Verde Valley RV Campground recharging from our trip over the rockies and seeing my brother Dennis.

We are so blessed to be able to do what we are doing. Even with all of the bad decisions that I have made, all of the sins I have committed and all of the times that I have ignored God, He is still here with me. Every time I repent and return to Him, He accepts me just as I am and continues to bless Linda and I as we try to do His will.