Today we move again, only a short distance, but we move. If there was not the promise of the presence of the Lord wherever we go, the going would be difficult. If it was the travel we wished for and not the destination, the travel would be hard.

Twenty-seven times we have set up and taken down since June sixth and twenty-eight more before April the twenty-first. God is not only in the places we stop at, He is not only in the service work we perform, He is in the setting up and taking down as well. He is on the road as we drive between stops and it is by His Grace that we continue to travel and try to spread His love.

We have had many things that we have done wrong, many mistakes in taking down for the road and some misadventures in finding places but He has been with us and the damage has been minor. We pray that this continues but there are no guarantees. We will do our very best, we will press on toward our goal of serving the Lord and trust in Jesus that this is the path chosen for us. That is all any one can do, believe in Jesus, search your heart, pray for guidance, and follow.