Life in the camping community is slower than elsewhere. This morning we sat outside glorying in the soft breezes, blue skies with white fleecy clouds and watched families ride by on bicycles, older couple walk sedately past and spoke of life, love and the Lord.

This spot is wonderful and if it was closer to our children, we would consider using this as our home base. The silence is refreshing as we rest. We will be here for the next nine days and then proceed to our next volunteer opportunity well rested. Even our cat likes where we are and is laying around outside with us.

The only down side to this part of our journey is the inability to go to our home church on line. We have not had connections that were strong enough to get the services and we miss the messages. However, we see the Lord every day in the landscapes and the people we meet. We hear His voice in the wind and feel His presence in the blue sky by day and the stars by night.