There can be no light without the darkness and no darkness without the light. One cannot appreciate full joy without also experiencing sorrow. The Lord, by His grace, gave us free will to react to each other and the world without interference. He gave us the freedom to follow Him, to be a disciple of Jesus or to follow the world. Either decision has little effect on what happens to us but a great effect on how we react to our circumstances.

Those who are victorious in their lives are thus not because of what they have, for they may be in ill health, in poverty or even in prison. They are victorious because they have the light, they have the joy of the Lord in their hearts. It is not your circumstances that Jesus came to change, it is not your happiness that He came restore, rather it is your heart that He came to repair.

All you need do is accept Him for what He is, the living Son of the one true God. Ask for forgiveness for your sins and turn to Him to receive all of the joy that has been missing from your life.

Accept God’s love freely given.