Yesterday Linda rested from a busy weekend of travel and entertaining. While we only entertained one person on Sunday, he is my brother who we love dearly. He commented that we had a really ideal childhood, mainly because we had two parents who loved us.

As he spoke about Dad and the way he would look at us when asked a ‘how to’ question, good memories came. We had a Dad on earth who was loving and caring and allowed us learn some lessons the hard way. He did not always shelter us from the pain of making mistakes and he never voiced anything stronger than an opinion even when we were walking toward a cliff. He allowed us our free will as we got older and showed remarkable restraint when he knew we were heading for trouble even after his disapproval.

So when someone asks how God could let bad things happen, when someone becomes angry at the Lord for allowing us to do evil toward each other, I remember my earthly father. Dad was the man who showed me what a loving father could be. He pointed me to the Lord, not by his words, by his actions. Thank you brother for the good fellowship and sharing the memories of Dad.