When we decide to take a journey, we prepare ourselves. We decide on a destination and we plan transportation, a route to take and when to start our journey. Hopefully, we figure out how to pay for the trip, what we are going to see and do and where and when the journey will end. In this way, Linda and I have planned our personal journey.

We have set out our trip from now (October, 2016) through December 2017. We have made reservations at campgrounds through December 2016 and a few spots in January, March, April and November 2017. Our medical concerns will be addressed as well as trailer and truck upkeep in December of each year. You see, a nomadic life, while it appears to be carefree, really is just another way of living, a way of living that we love.

What makes this journey so interesting is that we can seek the counsel of the Lord and allow Him to put us where we are needed. All of the plans that we make along the way are merely there to direct us from volunteer opportunity to volunteer opportunity. And we have to be willing to listen for God’s voice and change our path at any time. We have to be ready to see when the Lord reveals His plans for us and adjust ours to match His.