Yesterday we rested in a manner of speaking. The day before we went to Montezuma Castle National Monument and over to Tuzigoot National Monument, both in Verde Valley. One was cliff dwelling ruins and one was a hilltop ruin. Both were from long ago and gave a glimpse into the life of the early Indians here in the Southwest. There was a fair amount of walking and standing involved as we marveled at how these people provided for themselves.

Our rest yesterday consisted of washing the truck and the trailer and cleaning the refrigerator and the freezer. Once again, not always the exciting and new, sometimes the routine and dull. The Lord requires that we do all things for His glory and in His name. This is easy when we are seeing new places, meeting new people and showing His love. Not so easy when we are cleaning, washing and recovering from our travels.

Maybe it is even more important to show His love and His character when we are doing the ordinary. It is not in the mountaintop experiences where our testimony is most effective. Rather, it is on the slopes, going up or down, and in the valleys where we can most effectively share His love and joy.