Flexibility is the word of the day, every day, when one is faced with chronic health issues. Plans are made and changed routinely. We had planned on going to Sedona yesterday but circumstances prevented it. Last night was a difficult night and today we woke to the promise thunderstorms and rain. So, today will be spent recuperating and probably tomorrow as well. Wet weather hampers our activity. This is our reality and we praise the Lord that we can travel the way that we do.

God has provided us with the ability to see things that we never thought we would be able to see and do things that we thought were beyond our reach. Hence, if we don’t get to see or do something that we wanted to do, it is OK. We still get up in the morning praising the Lord and looking forward to the lessons He has for us.

Do not be discouraged when your plans are thwarted. Do not worry about your future when your future changes. The Lord has plans for you that you know nothing about. Just be flexible, be ready to adapt and look for the Hand of God in what is happening. He is watching you and His ways are always perfect.