Yesterday we went to my brother’s house via Sedona, a lovely trip through valleys and canyons, high country desert and pine forests and rose several thousand feet. The climate change is dramatic and the vistas breathtaking. We understand the urge to live in this part of the world but don’t feel it ourselves.

We are drawn back to the East coast where we began this journey and will probably continue our travels up and down that coast for as long as we can travel. And when our traveling days are done, we will most likely, finish our days somewhere on the East coast. We thank the Lord for this trip that we are on and for His patience with us as we journey.

We wake each morning to another glorious day provided to us by God and we thank Him for the opportunities that He will present us to speak of our faith. We pray that our meager efforts will be uplifted by the Lord and will be a blessing to others. If only one soul is convinced to seek the Lord through our efforts if only one person is redeemed by God because of us, then we will not have labored in vain and all of our efforts will have been justified.