Every four years the people of this country go absolutely crazy. Friendships are lost, families are broken and Christians forget their faith. Love leaves the thoughts of many and acrimony and hatred become a normal part of our conversations. Where are mercy, love and kindness in this picture? Not in social media nor in the news media.

Yesterday we were in the Painted Desert National Park enjoying the view of the park when this nice couple asked if they could take our pictures for us. They were from Germany and as we generally do we asked how they liked our country. As with every time we have asked this question the response was positive. They love the United States, its geography and the people.

Tomorrow we move to Mountainair where we will spend three weeks helping a small church, membership 11, renovate their campus. There will be 2 couples and 2 additional people to work painting, restoring a patio, repairing an out building, ETC. There is much to be done for these people to make their church home a welcoming place from which they will be able spread the love of the Lord. We look forward to being able to encourage them and help them make their mission more effective.