Yesterday we arrived safely, settled in at the Turner Inn and RV park and met our fellow volunteers. Once again we are almost the youngest to be here at 69 and 62. Rested and relaxed.

Then this morning we attended services at the church. Upon first glimpse, the church is a nice old church that needs some help and upon further inspection, it has good strong lines and some excellent inside features and an interesting history. After a fine service, excellent sermon and communion we adjourned to the community hall to partake of awesome food and fellowship that this tiny church offered.

We made new friends, looked over the project and then came back to the campground to do some much needed laundry. The ladies had told us where the local laundromat is so we piled our clothes into the back seat. When we got there we found a nice, clean laundry with the owner’s son doing laundry and cleaning up. It turns out that he and his wife serve the Lord right here in Mountainair with prayer nights, bible study and help ministries in town. What an awesome God we follow, new friends, and encouragement and the strangest of all. Linda has been looking a hairdresser what with our nomadic life and the fact that it has been three months since her last one… well, the owner of laundromat is also a hairdresser. Another problem solved.