We got up at 5:30 this morning. I took the cat for a walk first thing because he prefers the great outdoors to the litter box and he lets us know. Then came coffee, breakfast, private devotion, Bible reading, a little Facebook and here we are drinking more coffee and deciding what to talk about. We are so blessed.

We take a lot of pictures trying to capture the magnificence of the scenes that the Lord puts in front of us and we spend a lot of time trying to explain the love and mercy and blessings of the Lord. The pictures only capture a pale image and the words are always meager and inadequate.

God blesses us beyond our wildest imaginings. He pours His love out over the world through His people and His people have to open their hearts and let His love wash over those whom they know and those who are strangers, even they who hate them and revile and abuse them.

If you know the love of the Lord and keep it to yourself, you are like a tree that bears no fruit. A fruit tree that bears no fruit has no useful purpose and is only fit for the fire. Do not be fit only for the fire, bear the Lord’s good fruit.