Up in a lift bucket 30 feet in the air was not where I intended to be yesterday, yet there I was, scraping window frames, eaves and painting the trim and outer walls of the bell tower. Yes, I want to be closer to the Lord but this just wasn’t the plan. Up we go for the next three days. Oh boy.

Sometimes we are called to do things that are uncomfortable. The Lord likes to stretch us, body and soul. His plans include our growing closer to Him and more like Jesus. When He asks today ‘whom shall I send?’, what will your response be? I know that I spent too many years ignoring His call to me. My new normal state is being slightly stretched out of my comfort zone all of the time.

Are you comfortable? Your salvation moment was only the beginning of your journey. If you answered His call to repent and believe in Jesus as your Savior then you are on the first step of your journey, an adventure really, to find the joy and peace that comes with total surrender to the Lord, even suspending yourself 30 feet in the air in His service. Jump in the bucket, take the plunge, surrender completely and be prepared for the ride of your life.