The weather had been holding up nicely this week and sun will be out for at least the next few days giving us enough time to complete the high work before we lift bucket is returned. The issue today is the temperature. It was 38 degrees when we woke up with a high of 60 projected for today, chilly up in the air.

The next 10 days are projected to be sunny with highs in the low to mid-seventies and the lows in the low forties. Good weather to work and not too cold for the water hoses and tanks at night.

It looks like a small church until you start putting two coats of paint on the stucco exterior, then each day it seems to grow larger. When the size and scope of the job seems to grow as you work, narrow your focus to each day’s portion, concentrate on the work for today and let the Lord handle tomorrow. This is just as true in your spiritual life. As you read and study with the goal of getting nearer to the Lord and becoming more Christlike, do not become discouraged. Concentrate on each day, not worrying about yesterday’s failures or tomorrow’s challenges, God has them.