Jesus spoke of many things while He was with us. He gave us the blueprint for our lives and fully expects us to follow that blueprint. Just as God gave Moses the blueprint for the Israelites and expected them to follow it and just as the Israelites failed over and over again, we fail also. As long as we are sincere in our efforts to follow Jesus. As long as we repent with true sorrow, our Lord is merciful and forgiving.

The Bible is the blueprint for our lives. In the Old Testament we see the triumphs and failures of many men and women and how our God rewarded or disciplined a people who tried and failed repeatedly and yet never gave up on themselves, just as God never gave up on them.

In the New Testament we see the unveiling of God’s new covenant with His people and the inclusion of the rest of humanity in His grand blueprint for the ultimate reconciliation. Through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus, we have been given the gift of eternal life, endless joy and complete peace. All we need to do is surrender to His will, repent of our sins and accept Jesus as His Son. The joy and peace come now, on this earth, and continue beyond death to eternal life with our Lord.