When we arrived on this site, we were unsure of what we could do, how we could help or how our health would hold up. We knew only each other and our heart for service. We have been working with wonderful people and helping as nice a group Christians as we have ever met.

Now, beginning day six of twelve days, we still have joy in our hearts. Our lives have been enriched by all we have met and our health could not be better. The work hours fly by and the work is getting done. All the glory goes to the Lord. He has gathered these six souls together, each with their own gifts and His Hand has guided our efforts to complete this work.

Not by our efforts are we saved and not by our powers are we able to go forth in our senior years and become the hands and feet of Jesus. As we pray in the name of Jesus and ask for His strength and wisdom to lead us, God, the Father, is merciful and answers those prayers. He goes before us to protect us and He is with us as we work. When our work here is done, He will provide more opportunities for our witness until our work on earth is done and He gathers us into His loving arms.