Each morning wake into a new day and rejoice. The Lord has watched over you while you slept and kept you safe from harm. No matter what your circumstances are, no matter where you live, be you rich or poor, healthy or sick, the Lord is present. Rejoice and be glad.

Believe you not in the Lord. Look around where you are. Are there not signs of His love and mercy everywhere? Even in the worst of scenarios, He is there. As we kill and maim and wage senseless wars, He is there. As we say unspeakable things to each other and about each other, He is there. If you know and love Him, you will see Him. You will follow His Light and reflect His glory. You will give hope to the hopeless and proclaim the Lord’s love to all.

Yes, every day is a day to rejoice. So, start your day in thankful prayer, in praise and worship. Bring your heart and soul before the Lord, bring your hopes and fears and your troubles to the feet of the cross. Then you are prepared by the presence of the Lord to go forth into the world and proclaim His love and mercy. Follow Jesus and be His light to the world.