Project completed and a week early. It is probably a good thing that we finished early as we worked so hard and are so tired that another week would have been very difficult. We painted the exterior of the church with two coats, including the bell tower and all trim. We repaired doors and lighting fixtures and even repainted the church sign. All of this in eight days working six and a half hours a day.

This could have only been accomplished in the strength of the Lord. Jesus was present from our morning devotion to our afternoon cleanup. How else can you explain the work done by a crew whose average age is 75? This was as wonderful experience as we have ever had volunteering and reaffirmed our desire to continue working on NOMADS projects. I have never seen Linda so happy and healthy, she only missed the last hour of the last day and enjoyed herself so much that her health issues became secondary. I am thankful every day for God’s healing hand on her and for the life we now lead.

Now we head for Dothan, planning to arrive on December the first. We will wander down through Dallas, TX and Shreveport, LA taking our time and renewing our strength.