Do not be afraid. The Lord is always present, always there to help. When the events in your life seem to be overwhelming, when you fear for your sanity, when you are caught in the snares of this world, remember the Lord and His promises. He holds His children in His hand.

For those who will trust in the Lord, seeking Him in times of trouble, there will be peace. Not the fleeting, uneasy peace of this world but the peace that comes with knowing that there is an eternity of joy and peace for those who believe. Eternal peace and joy that begins now, on this earth and extends far beyond the grave.

Not only does the Lord overcome all fear, He gives us a boldness to proclaim His Name. He enables us to go forth and serve Him through service to others. Be prudent with your resources, but do not worry about building security here on earth for your future. The Lord will take care of that. Rather, be always vigilant to store treasures in heaven where you can enjoy them forever. Serve others. Share your joy. Be willing to help the needy, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless. By your fruit you shall be known.