Yesterday our group was taken on a tour of this part of New Mexico that included two ghost towns with interesting cemeteries and hundred-year-old buildings. The man and wife who offered this glimpse into the past gave up their day to be with us and show us their heritage. They are gracious, knowledgeable folks and made this experience a most memorable one.

I wonder how many of us would take an entire day to showcase the area where we live to strangers who will be here today and literally gone tomorrow? How many of us have shown a genuine interest in the area we live in? It seems that the world today revolves around the electronic media more than the people and places where we live and this is a shame.

People, their history, their circumstances and the area that shapes them should be our primary concern after God and family. We should know more about our heritage than we do and we should know more about those around us than we do. God commands that we love our neighbor as ourselves. To do this we need to know our neighbors much better than we do. We need to step out and do what the Lord commands.